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Measurement Unit

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Measurement Units and Standard Services Section-District Secretariat-Galle



Head of the branch

K.P. Karunadasa - Task officer

Telephone - 0718577263

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The objective of this Division is to secure the customer in trade by maintaining the accuracy of the measurement and standard equipments through the execution of Measurement Units, Standards and Service Act (No.35 of 1995)

Three Major Service Fields supplied by this Division are as follows.

ü  Scientific Metrology

ü  Industrial Metrology

ü  Legal Metrology.

Scientific Metrology deals with measurements and all scientific matters.

Industrial Metrology concerns the measurements in commodity manufacturing and quality control of measurements.

Legal Metrology concerns facts including measurements that are under control of law.

Following Officers of the Department of Measurement Units, Standards & Services belonged to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce are attached to the Measurement Units and Standard Services Section in the District Secretariat, Galle.

Name of the Officer Designation

K.P Karunadasa                                                    Officer In Charge

K.H.G.Daminda                                                    Inspector of Measurement Services And Devices

J.B.Ghanathissa                                                    Inspector of Measurement Services And Devices

K.I.C.M.Thilakasiri                                                 Development Officer

H.I.M.P Nanayakkara                                             Development Officer

S.S.P.De Silva                                                     Measurement Standards Services Assistant



Lord Kelvin, an English Scientist has expressed that the knowledge on something can be judged only if it can be measured numerically.

The Function of the Measurement Units and Standard Services Section

v  Maintenance of Administrative Institutions in District Level for Science of Measurement for the confirmation of Measurement System used in Sri Lanka

v  Ensure the accuracy of weighing and measuring accessories used by traders via annual sealing.

v  Taking legal actions against traders using inaccurate measurements and commercial frauds.

v  Being responsible for conducting Awareness Programmes and providing with necessary Advisory Services.

v  Providing the essential Advisory Services to the importers of weighing  and measuring accessories, renovators, manufactures and vendors

896 Grama Niladhari Divisions of the 19 Divisional Secretariat Divisions are facilitated for the conducting the accuracy of the weighing and measuring accessories

Divisional Secretariat Division

Name and Address of the Verification Centre

No of days

01.Divisional Secretariat - Four Gravets, Galle

01.District Secretariat, Galle-Colombo Road, Kaluwella, Galle


02.Divisional Secretariat-Bentota

01. Bentota Multipurpose Cooperative Society -Bentota


03.Divisional Secretariat- Uragasmanhandiya

01. Uragasmanhandiya Pradeshiya Sabha Office- Uragasmanhandiya


04.Divisional Secretariat-Nagoda

01. Nagoda Pradeshiya Sabha Office-Nagoda

02. Nagoda Pradeshiya Sabha Office-Udugama


05. Divisional Secretariat-Thawalama

01. Thawalama Agrarian Service Center- Thawalama


06. Divisional Secretariat- Neluwa

01. Neluwa Agrarian Service Center-Neluwa


07. Divisional Secretariat-Bope Poddala

01. Bope Poddala Pradeshiya Sabha Sub Office-Poddala


08. Divisional Secretariat-Hikkaduwa

01.Dodanduwa Pradeshiya Sabha Sub Office –Dodanduwa

02. Hikkaduwa Cooperative Society-Hikkaduwa

03. Rathgama Cooperative Society-Rathgama




09. Divisional Secretariat-Akmeemana

01. Akmeemana Pradeshiya Sabha  Office –Akmeemana


10. Divisional Secretariat-Habaraduwa

01.Habaraduwa Pradeshiya Sabha Sub Office-Ahangama


11. Divisional Secretariat-Imaduwa

01. Imaduwa Divisional Secretariat-Imaduwa


12. Divisional Secretariat-Yakkalamulla

01. Yakkalamulla Pradeshiya Sabha Sub Office-Yakkalamulla


13. Divisional Secretariat-Balapitiya

01. Pradewshiya Sabha Office-Balapitiya


14. Divisional Secretariat-Ambalangoda

01.Ambalangoda Urban Council Office-Ambalangoda

02. Ambalangoda Urban Council Office-Batapola



15. Divisional Secretariat-Baddegama

01. Baddegama Pradeshiya Sabha Office-Baddegama

02.Ihala Lelwala Cooperative Society-Wanduramba

03.Thelikada Majuwana Cooperative Society-Baddegama




16.Divisional Secretariat-Karandeniya

01.Uragasmanhandiya Pradeshiya Sabha Office-Uragasmanhandiya

02.Maha Edanda Community Center- Karandeniya



17. Divisional Secretariat-Elpitiya

Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat-Elpitiya


18.Cooperative Society-Welivitiya Divithura

Welivitiya Cooperative Society