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Ekamuthu piyasa


Ekamuthu Piyasa‚ÄďChildren Women & Social Development Unit



M.N.S.UdayaKumara  -Head Quarters Social Services Officer

Tel- 091-4944818 / 0714494504

Email Address - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Ten (10) officers belonged to the Ministries namely: Social Enforcement, Children and Women’s Affairs have been attached to this Unit.



Name of the Officer




M.N.S.Udaya Kumara

Head Quarters Social Services Officer

Department of Social Services


Wijitha Kumara Muthuhettigama

District Child Rights Promotion Officer

Department of Probation and Child Care Services



Kanchana Danashri Mapalagama.

District Women Development Officer

Women’s Bureau Of Sri Lanka



Early Childhood Development Officer

Children's Secretariat




District Child Protection Officer

National Child Protection Authority


S.Nilusha Priyadarshani

Social Development Assistant

Department of Social Services



Counselling Assistant‚ÄďDistrict Coordinator

Ministry of Social Services



District  Socio-Psychological Assistant

National Child Protection Authority


T.G.Wasanthi Kumari

District Elders Rights Promotion Officer

National Secretariat for Elders



Geethnath Premarathna

Regional Child Protection Officer

National Child Protection Authority














This unit is functioned for the planning, implementation and coordination of programmes towards a better future for the needy people in general including children, women and elders, who are in need of social protection.


Available Services and Instructions of the Ekamuthu Piyasa

01.For the people who are disable,

·          Enhance the ability to be independent and the manner of living in a reputed way.

·          Active mediations for providing the necessities namely: Education, Livelihood, Socialization, Entertainment and Leisure.

·          Provide the services such as: Housing, Self Employment, Living Allowance for Vocational Training and Materials.

·          Strengthen the District and Regional Swa-Shakthi organizations.

02.For Senior Citizens

v  Securing the rights promoting.

v  Strengthening District and Divisional Elders’ Associations.

v  Providing Welfare facilities.

03.Promotion of Rights of the Children

  • Implementation of projects for promoting child rights and preventing child abuses.
  • Providing subsidiaries such as Attendant Parent /Twin Children/Educational/ Medical Aids.
  • Recognizing vulnerable children and executing programmes for securing them from those risks.
  • Strengthening Child Councils.
  • Strengthening Divisional Child Development Committees

04.For Early Childhood Development

v  Capacity Development of Pre-school Teachers.

v  Providing resources for pre- schools.

v  Awareness programmes for Early Childhood Protection and Development.

v  The Programme for providing a glass of fresh milk for Pre-School Children.

v  The Programme for providing a monthly allowance for Pre-School Teachers.

v   Pregnant Mothers’ Nutrition program.

05. Child Protection Services

  • Make aware the Community regarding the investigations of Child Abuses and Child Security.
  • Provide protection and welfare for children who have lost their parents due to Tsunami tragedy and Coordinating ParentCommittees.
  • Coordination of District Child Development Committee.
  • Awareness programmes for School Children Security Committees, reviewing such activities.

06.Women Development Affairs

v  Strengthen Woman Board of Authority and Regional Board of Authority

v  Intervene for solving problems related to women.


07.Advisory and Socio Psychological Intervention.

v  Counseling mentally depressed people and directing them to the medical treatments.

v  Providing Psycho- sociological assistance for victimized children.

v  Aware the community on counseling and coordinating Institutions.


08.Other Services.

  • Intervene for rehabilitation for drug addicted people and Conduct awareness Programmes.
  • Conduct Programmes for Vulnerable Groups.